Whether casual or sport, all our socks are hi-tech both from a technical and graphical point of view.

We develop color combinations and complex designs, as well as offering numerous features such as:

  • flat toe seam,
  • reinforced heel and toe box,
  • breathable mesh inserts,
  • elastic cuffs and bands,
  • vertical and diagonal knitted ribs,
  • terry and flat areas,
  • localized protections for maximum comfort and performance.

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Our technical socks can be constructed with the use of different yarns and their combination, in order to obtain a wide range of products.

MOQ: 100 or 300 pairs per color, according to the model chosen.


Graduated compression socks are tight-fitting socks made of elastic.

Their main function is to compress foot and leg in order to stimulate and reactivate bloodstream. The effects are reduction of swelling and less heaviness.

In sports, graduated compression socks are used to promote blood flow during exercise and to help muscle recovery after exercise.

Suitable for sportsmen, for travelers who stay seated for many hours (e.g. on plane, train or car), people who stands still all day long and for those people who tend to have swollen feet and poor blood circulation.

MOQ: 300 pairs per color.


If you want to receive a quotation or place an order of our custom made products, you should:

  1. fill in the "DATA SHEET" with your company data;
  2. fill in the "TEMPLATE" of the product you have chosen, indicating colors, logos, quantities and the most information possible.
  3. Send everything via e-mail to , we will answer you as soon as possible.

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