Driven by passion for socks, Gilmatex has developed over the years a socks factory that only utilizes high-tech Italian machineries, highly qualified work force and that completes all production stages in Italy, managing to satisfy all customers’ requests.

All our socks knitting machines are branded Sunrise® and San Giacomo®, single cylinder, gauge 24, 36, 48 with 120, 144, 156, 160, 200 needles.

This wide range of machineries together with many yarns used allows us to produce any kind of socks, technical or not, for men women and children and to develop many different styles (classic, casual, fashion, sport, work) all 100% Made in Italy.

We can produce, with a minimum quantity, custom made socks, wristbands, arm sleeves and shoe covers. Our know-how allows us to suggest and satisfy our most demanding customers, like international brands of sport and casual apparel.

The trust from our clients, the high quality of our products and the results achieved are confirmed by the steady growth year after year.

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